artistic approach


My creative work is rooted in the body, in the attention given to physical sensations and in movement. It takes shape through video [single-band and installation], performance, drawing, photography, kinetic and sound installation.

I’m interested in exterior and interior spaces within the body… in the physical and psychological aspects of relations… and in the embodiment of the poetic.

Performing is a vital factor in my creative process. I call on the body to play the role of sensor… and I sometimes use it as matter… and sometimes transfer its memories and affects to the matter… to transmute it into matter.

I develop strategies to reach vulnerability and human force.
I make up filming measures that give a different vitality to the vision.
I build reanimation mechanisms to bring movement into fixed images, give instability to shapes and produce sound.

The mechanisms of the body and the machine intertwine and blend. 
The living and the unmoving are in close contact… Movement and fixity generate one another… to create the animate, the inanimate and the reanimated.