artistic approach


My creative work is rooted in the body, in the attention paid to physical sensations and movement. My research delves into the exterior and interior spaces of the body to meticulously observe the relationship between the physical and the psychic… and to embody the poetic…

Sometimes seeming to oscillate between life and death… From the notion of duality or the double… from gravitations to levitations to transformations… I develop strategies to access the vulnerability and the human strength; to dive inside the being… and in the depths of its playful and existential quests.

The performative aspect is a primary factor in my artistic approach. The performative aspect is a primordial factor in my artistic approach. I call upon the body sometimes to play the role of sensor… sometimes, I use it as a matter or transmute it into matter… and sometimes, I project its memories [affective, kinesthetic, auditory] in the matter.

For the creation of video or video installation, I generally carry out autofilming which are of the order of the performance. Either I place myself in a physically or internally vulnerable situation in front of a static camera; or I create video shooting devices, motorized or not, generating movements with varied dynamic qualities and producing unsuspected affects.

My passion for movement has naturally led me to be interested in mechanisms of all kinds. In my kinetic and sound installation work, I create [what I call] “reanimation mechanisms”. These mechanisms breathe movement into still images or various materials, generating sequences of moving images or unstable or inflatable forms…but always sounds.

The mechanisms of the body and the machine intertwine and merge.

The living and the inert rub shoulders.

Movement and fixity are generated…to create the animated, the inanimate and the reanimated.