manon laBrecque lives and works in Montreal. She was trained in contemporary dance and visual arts. Since 1991, the multidisciplinary artist has created videos (single-band and installation), performances, drawings, pictures, kinetic and sound sculptures/installations.

Among her solo exhibitions, let us mention the following:  
Les antigravitationnels , Vu PHOTO, commissioner : Nicole Gingras, Machines : les formes du mouvement, Manifestation Internationale d’art 6 de Québec (2012),  Manon Labrecque, Musée de Rimouski (2010), also at Galerie Séquence, Chicoutimi (2006) and LE LIEU in Quebec City (2007), Mécanismes d’intérieurs at the Galerie Dazibao, Montreal (2008) and Les témoins, Galerie UQÀM, commissioner: Nicole Gingras, Montreal (2003)

She took part in collective exhibitions in galleries and museums such as: various artists’ centres in Quebec, Ex Teresa Arte Actual, Mexico (1997), Culbutes, œuvres d’impertinence (1999) / la Triennale québecoise (2008) at the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal, Intrus/Intruders (2008) / Femmes artistes du XXe siècle au Québec (2010) at the Musée National des beaux–arts du Québec and at the Liverpool Biennal International Festival of Contemporary Art (2010).
Her videographic works were released in different festivals in Canada and abroad. Some of which won prizes, among others, at the Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois (1998 and 2007), at the Manifestation internationale vidéo et art électronique (1995) and at the Transmediale in Berlin (2000).
In 2009, she received the Prix Graff for her total body of artistic work.